Oct 16th Make and Take Party.. At the hospital! :(
About 12:00 noon, Oct 16th Kym (my wife) was returning from a quick run to the store before the party. As she entered the kitchen, one of the bags swung out and overbalanced her. She fell, dropping a bag and landing on top of it. Unfortunately, the bag contained a bottle of wine which broke and she had landed on the shards of glass.

When we noticed her shin bone was clearly visible, we called 911. Rob (r0adk1ll) and David (Spookulum) kept pressure on the wounds while I got my two kids settled with the neighbors and then flagged down the fire trucks. She left in an ambulance with me driving chase car. Five hours and 43 stitches later, she's back home, doing as well as can be expected.

As promised, here are the pictures from the ER showing the freshly sutured wounds. Study the pics closely folks, this way you can make realistic props!! :)

Right Toe

Toe Zoom

Right Shin

Shin Zoom

Left Knee

Knee Zoom

b4 Bandages

Kym Vern 1

Kym Vern 2

Kym Vern 3