Trash Can Trauma
Sept 28th 2004

This is my first attempt at building a pneumatic prop. This is a classic "trash can trauma". When power is applied to the 24 volt solenoid, it causes the bimba cylinder to extend and brings up the monster. It also powers up the solid state relay to apply power to a black light bulb and a strobe light, as well as a 20 second radio shack sound recorder. I haven't mounted the sound module or the speakers yet (you might be able to see them in some of the pictures of the workbench). The trash can lid will be mounted on a hinge so the lid can "swing back" to about 35 to 45 degree,s giving the audience a better look at the head and also causing the hands to "swing out" towards the audience. I'm debating putting a small smoke machine in the box, but I'm concerned with covering all the parts with a thin sheen of glycol. :( I also still have to finish the trigger mechanism (push button? mat? hmmmm.) I'll post the finished pics when I've got it done. :)

Trashcan Access Port

Popup mechanism

Popup mechanism labeled

5-port 2-way valve

Mechanism in can

Mechanism in can (2)

Mechanism extended

Mechanism with lid (1)

Mechanism with lid (2)

Mechanism with lid (3)