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picture of the Parallax Prop-1 board Vern Graner's
ParallaxEFX Prop-1
Project Page
Animated picture of six servos being controlled by the Parallax Prop-1 board
I was the lucky recipient of a ParallaxEFX PROP-1 effects board at the Hauntcon in Dallas (thanks Jon and John!). :) I've had it set up now for a couple of days and have managed to recreate the code to move multiple servos to random locations. This is a "re-creation" of code that I orignially wrote for the BSIIsx that is currently in my DungeonKeeper prop. I have since used this PROP-1 in an award winning prop at Hauntcon in 2005 called The Haunted Cabin.

Below is a link to some video I took of the board operating 6 servos rather smoothly. Though this consumed almost ALL of the RAM in my little BSI chip, I was pretty amazed I could get smooth parallel action on six servos at once!. The program to create the motion you see in the video clip is servo-random-hex.bs1. I have this program and variations of this code, in the programs folder on this site as well.

As I explore this cool little board in more depth, I expect I'll be adding more to this site. Also, if you have a Prop-1 and would like to ask questions or share your ideas, please feel free to send an email to

Video Clip of the above in action: prop1-sixservos.mpg (2.8megs MPG)

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